Sunday, March 27, 2016


What do you suppose they are looking at?  What could be going on inside the barn?

Bluefaced Leicesters - we never miss a meal.

Somerhill Teton

Somerhill Teton, a pearl SA buck, just turned SR.  Brother to Rawlins.

His face coloring is gorgeous! 

Somerhill Rawlins

Somerhill Rawlins, REW SA buck, just turned SR. 
He is a son of HH Silver Lining and GrCH Dolly Rock Laramie.
I've also got 3 brothers - Medicine Bow (Choc Chin), Teton (Pearl)
and Little Big Horn (Chin)

Isn't he CUTE?


LH Captina Creek, a blue tort SA doe is bred to Somerhill Boot Hill,
a chocolate pearl.  Probably will have torts of every color, but its
possible to have pearls if she carries REW.    Due later in April.

We are a month old

Handsome's last litter, with Joli Blon.   REW buck, pearl buck, pearl doe, 2 tort does, 1 tort buck.