Sunday, March 27, 2016


What do you suppose they are looking at?  What could be going on inside the barn?

Bluefaced Leicesters - we never miss a meal.

Somerhill Teton

Somerhill Teton, a pearl SA buck, just turned SR.  Brother to Rawlins.

His face coloring is gorgeous! 

Somerhill Rawlins

Somerhill Rawlins, REW SA buck, just turned SR. 
He is a son of HH Silver Lining and GrCH Dolly Rock Laramie.
I've also got 3 brothers - Medicine Bow (Choc Chin), Teton (Pearl)
and Little Big Horn (Chin)

Isn't he CUTE?


LH Captina Creek, a blue tort SA doe is bred to Somerhill Boot Hill,
a chocolate pearl.  Probably will have torts of every color, but its
possible to have pearls if she carries REW.    Due later in April.

Greenleaves Spitfire

Welcome home, Greenleaves Spitfire! She was first CJD in the MAC specialty for her first leg.