My breeding philosophy

New Fleeces

Monday news

Tibbie and Tabbie

A break from lamb pictures........

Meet Gemma.

What's this ? Livestock in the house?

Greek Rabbit Stew with Artichokes


Afternoon delight

Morning barn report

SHF Calais

What I want an udder to be............

Colette's lambs from this AM

Farm Bureau Cook-off

Wilkie lambed this morning

Shearing is DONE!

Update on the Quads

Lazy, warm spring afternoon

Pegasus' ram lamb

Meet Rhiannon - first lamb of 2010

Wintertime Blues

Easy Lamb Kabobs

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow......

MORE baby bunnies

WHOA! More news from Running Briar

A Piece of History

The boys

Mandalay's Kits

Farmers Market display board

Marinette's Kits

Bunny Beanie

Lamb Leg Steaks with Shitake Sauce

Katahdin rams

Pardon me, I'm working here

Mule Lamb