"The Tall One"

UARC specialty in Columbus today

Mexican Lamb in an Adobo Crust

The reason for the rain

Happy Easter!

If the Easter Bunny was a zombie....

Lambing is over

Yet another set of twin ewes

Asian Rabbit Salad

Almost done.....

French Angoras for sale

Sign of the times

Gyro Pizza

Satin Angora babies

Ilaria's girl

French Angora babies

More lambs

Finally a little touch of spring

Rabbit and Wild Rice Salad

Sleepy Lucy

2 more sets of twins

More twin ewe lambs

Bad, Bad lambs

Next wave of lambs has begun.

Moose" & "Spot" . Two other possible X1 keepers

My favorite X1 ram lamb

Computer down

New baby bunnies

Baked Lamb with Cheese Crust