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Born 9-25

These are GrCH Aboundingful Farm Yukon and Somerhill Pasadena's brood.   4 REW, 1 chocolate agouti, and a lilac.

Mama California does it again


Announcing 6 new chinchillas!

Somerhill Medicine Bow and Somerhill Oakland announce the birth of their first litter!
6 fat, well fed chinchilla kits.   Pretty sure they are all black chins, but they will carry for chocolate.

Ermine Yarn


A brief, simplistic article on rabbit color genetics I wrote back in 2010

Genetics 101
Lisa Rodenfels OK, its time for a brief rabbit color genetics lesson:
There are 5 gene pairs we are most interested in right now. A, B, C, D, & E. The first is “A”. A is agouti, ‘a’ is solid or self. Agouti is
dominant to self. So an agouti rabbit can be AA or Aa. Self is
recessive, so it can only be ‘aa’. Watch how the gene pairs change
colors for you.
A-B-C-D-E- is a chestnut agouti, the same as a wild rabbit. It has
banded hair shaft, with grey at the skin, a tan band, and black hair
aa-B-C-D-E- is a black rabbit. The only thing that changed is that
this rabbit has 2 copies of the recessive “a”. B is black, ‘b’ is chocolate.
A-B-C-D-E- is chestnut agouti , A-bb-C-D-E- is a chocolate agouti.
aabbC-D-E- is a chocolate rabbit. Notice chocolate has 2 copies of
the recessive a and b genes.
So you should know that you could never breed two chocolates together
and get any agoutis, or any blacks, since they don’t have those genes. I am going to skip “C” until later, …

Chocolate chinchilla Satin Angora yarn.


The twins are growing up.


We are one month old today!