Located near Coshocton, Ohio
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Born 7-21-17
GrCH Aboundingful Yukon (rew) x Somerhill Shaelah (red)
Somerhill Teslin.  Chocolate chinchilla doe, registered.
Just raised a litter.  Excellent type, density, sheen.  
Very sweet tempered doe.
Would make a great pairing with Quicksilver for
promising show offspring.   Offered to show breeder only.  $125

Born 3-11-17
Somerhill Sheridan(choc chin) x GrCH Somerhill Silver City (chin)
Somerhill Quicksilver
He has been my herdsire, and no matter what doe he is put to, the 
kits are outstanding.  Registered.  Great type, long, dense, extremely silky wool,
and a playful temperament. Only for sale as a pairing with Teslin above.  

Born 6-8-18  RESERVED
Maple Glen Russet(red) x GrCH Dolly Rock/DeBlieck Fury (REW)

Backfire - bright fawn doe  - $100
Good shoulders, depth, and full hindquarters. 

My latest chinchillas

Somerhill Teslintoo (Quicksilver x Teslin) is a chocolate chinchilla doe.   Somerhill Spook (Quicksilver x Fury) is a black chinchilla ...