Located near Coshocton, Ohio
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Born 6-8-18
Maple Glen Russet(red) x GrCH Dolly Rock/DeBlieck Fury (REW)

Backfire - bright fawn doe  - $100
Good shoulders, depth, and full hindquarters. 

Somerhill Barracuda - chestnut buck  $75
Somerhill Duster - chestnut buck  $65

Born 8-8-18
Maple Glen Russet (red) x Somerhill Shaelah (red)
 4 fawn does
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Born 8-27 -18
7Pines Handsome (choc tort) x Somerhill Joli Blon (pearl)
3 high rufus torts, 1 REW buck, 1 pearl buck, 1 pearl doe.
This is Handsome's last litter, so your last chance from this
excellent buck.

Getting bigger!

7Pines Handsome & Somerhill Joli Blon have done it again! We have 3 gorgeous high rufus torts, a REW buck, and 2 black pearls, one d...