Located near Coshocton, Ohio
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New litters !
Born March 11th.

GrCH Aboundingful Yukon (REW) x Somerhill Oakland (chin)
 One pearl doe and 2 self black chin does will be for sale.
Blacks are probably showable - eyes are light but will likely darken to brown.
They are useful in a chinchilla or pearl breeding program.  Lovely sheen
on these girls!

GrCH Somerhill Little Big Horn (chin) x Somerhill California (chestnut carrying chin)
  2 black does, 1 ermine buck will be for sale.  Ermine is not showable color.
Will be pure white wool with dark eyes.  

Somerhill Sheridan (choc chin) x Gr CH Somerhill Silver City (chin)
1 black chin buck, 1 black chin doe, 1 chocolate chin doe  NFS
at this time.