Thursday, September 2, 2010

News from the Fraleys

Here I am with Maddie and Alex Fraley and their BFL yearling ewes, Babydoll and Vogue. The girls showed at the Stark county fair in open class this morning under judge Budd Martin. He placed the ewes 2nd and 3rd in a class of 7. He then selected them as first pair of ewes.
Alex also showed a ewe lamb and ram lamb, and placed 3rd out of 6-7 in those classes, too. In each case, the sheep were complimented on their excellent feet and legs and length of body.
I think once the girls get a better handle on fleece care and presentation, they'll be hard to beat!


Celtic Hare said...

You keep showing these lovely BFL's...we'll HAVE TOO find a leather-smith to make some complementary show halters for them. :- D To show off those lovely faces.

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Congratulations girls. I recognise those beautiful beaming faces. Keep showing those BFL sheep and making us proud.

Somerhill said...

But no sparky be-jeweled belts, Kathy. :^) I checked. They both had on some pretty snazzy boots, tho'.

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