Britton at 4 days


I really like the look of this boy. Wilke's boy is nice, also.
Somerhill said…
Britton is a ewe, but thanks for the compliment. LOL
Wait til I get a good shot of Adagio's ram lamb. He is FABULOUS!
The lamb with the big spot on his back has a really good deep body and is very stylish.
Judith said…
I had a ewe lamb with a big spot on her back. I guess that means I can't register her. I'm wondering if breeding for colored BFLs will cause more spotted sheep.
Um... Wow! Beautiful lambs, Lisa! Please keep me in mind for a yearling ram at Wooster 2012! Woohoo!!!
This is one pretty boy! WOW Do you notice how much heavier these AI lambs are when you pick them up?