Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 more sets of twins

One of the yearlings had a set of twins in the pasture last night when I got home.  Good ol' Penn, he stays right out there with them, and tips me off there are lambs.   Sadly, the ewe lamb was stillborn, but the ram lamb is doing fine once he got dried off and fed.  In the madness last night, I forgot to check her ear number, but I think its one of the "T" girls  - either Tibbie or Tabbie. 
While getting these lambs into the barn out of the chilly wind, Jillian had a whopping set of twins.  Jill is natural colored, and she had a white ram and black ewe lamb.  They have not stopped eating since they were born!  Good thing Jill has lots of milk - she is going to need it.  :^)  Funny - last year, Jill's twins were tiny little girls.  These lambs look half grown already.   The ewe lamb is named "Piper".


Deb W said...

8 lambs out of 4 births in how many days? Wow! they're keeping you hoppin' So sad about the one little girl, but hope everyone else is doing OK.

Somerhill said...

We've been having 2 ewes lamb per day. With the colder, wet weather, it does make it more difficult, since I don't like to leave the newborns out in the rain and especially MUD. So we have to keep rotating ewes from private pens to mixing pens, and just kicked the March lambs out of the barn into a different pasture and smaller shelter to make more room.
Oh, for a modern barn on a high, dry site!

Potosi Sheep Farm said...

Someday you'll get that barn. Believe!

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