Monday, April 11, 2011

More lambs

Wynne and her ram lamb.  This was our first C-section in the 25 years we've had sheep, and thankfully, both mother and son are doing exceptionally well.   Wynne was standing 5 minutes after the operation, and starting eating ravenously the minute she got home from the vet's office.   
Arleen and her daughter, Roisin


Deb W said...

Was the c-section needed due to the size of the lamb, or the presentation?

Somerhill said...

I'm going to guess a little of each. The lamb is huge as you can tell from the photo. He was 14.5# and all legs. But we've had ewes deliver heavier lambs without problems, and since she was not dilating at all, it leads us to believe the lamb's head was not presenting. Normally, the pressure from the nose/feet against the cervix cause it to dilate.

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