Saturday, July 16, 2011

Angora bunny news

Virichic (chocolate) and Maximo (red) welcome 9 new babies into the world on Friday.  Viri is doing very well with them, and I should have several Satin Angora babies ready for new homes later in September. 

Voodoo (cream) and Nightshade (black)  produced 7 French Angora kits this morning.  Looks like a couple blacks, some torts, and 2 REWs.   These should be fabulous bunnies - both parents are granded, and come from a long line of quality stock. 

I added 2 new SA to my herd, coming from Kathy Obratka's Angora Eden by way of her friend, Joyce.  SWF Macgiver is a chocolate buck who is really great - big, full shoulders, a high, strong arch, and nice meaty hindquarters - very smooth feeling.   The doe is a chocolate agouti with lots of density and beautiful rich color.  I've named her AE Safari. 


Deb W said...

Pictures! Please! Of all of them!

Somerhill said...

I'll post some of the babies once they get a little bigger and more interesting in shape and color.
Mac and Safari came to me shaved, so I'll post some pictures after they get some wool on them. I guess I could show you their faces, couldn' t I?

Celtic Hare said...

Lisa, I think some, as-is pictures, would be helpful in identifying conformational points. :- D

nikki said...

can't wait to see them, just love baby bunns (and the choc color)

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