Saturday, July 16, 2011

Angora bunny news

Virichic (chocolate) and Maximo (red) welcome 9 new babies into the world on Friday.  Viri is doing very well with them, and I should have several Satin Angora babies ready for new homes later in September. 

Voodoo (cream) and Nightshade (black)  produced 7 French Angora kits this morning.  Looks like a couple blacks, some torts, and 2 REWs.   These should be fabulous bunnies - both parents are granded, and come from a long line of quality stock. 

I added 2 new SA to my herd, coming from Kathy Obratka's Angora Eden by way of her friend, Joyce.  SWF Macgiver is a chocolate buck who is really great - big, full shoulders, a high, strong arch, and nice meaty hindquarters - very smooth feeling.   The doe is a chocolate agouti with lots of density and beautiful rich color.  I've named her AE Safari. 


Deb W said...

Pictures! Please! Of all of them!

Somerhill said...

I'll post some of the babies once they get a little bigger and more interesting in shape and color.
Mac and Safari came to me shaved, so I'll post some pictures after they get some wool on them. I guess I could show you their faces, couldn' t I?

Celtic Hare said...

Lisa, I think some, as-is pictures, would be helpful in identifying conformational points. :- D

nikki said...

can't wait to see them, just love baby bunns (and the choc color)

Wish they all could be California girls

This is Somerhill California, the foundation of all my current color lines - red, pearl, & chinchilla. She is 6.5 years old, and still...