Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remodeling the rabbitry

I have stacking cages for the rabbits, and for quite some time, I've not used the bottom cage because its hard to reach the back of cage to clean it. It also is hard to lift the rabbit out of the cage safely, and young kits are impossible to capture if they go to the back corner to hide. The top cage is also a problem for the same reasons. After talking and considering several ideas, we've decided on building a frame of 2x4s and stacking 2 cages on it. This raises the cages to the optimum height for me to reach both rabbits.
This shows the frame Chuck made that supports my 2 French Angora bucks, Hi-Jinx (cream) and Nightshade (black) I am also replacing the floors of the cages and some of the legs and tray slides.

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Lilac Haven said...

We just did some maintanence too. Looks nice.

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