Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Somerhill Larue

This is the yearling ewe that is entered in the national BFL
show and sale on Memorial Day weekend up at Wooster Ohio
during the Great Lakes Fiber Festival.  She is a daughter of
Llwygy X1 and her dam is a daughter of Beeston Laird out of
a Beeston Loyalty ewe.    She will be for sale on Sunday during
the Banner auction.  This is probably the only X1 daughter that
will ever be sold, and she is a beauty!
She's standing a little tucked under in these 2 pics, but you
can see the length of body and level topline on her.  And look at that
depth of body.   She is up on her pasterns, excellent legs, including rear
 angulationShe's got a beautiful, refined head and good bite.  Her earset
is very upright and she's got good blue color.  She's very smooth and
graceful when she walks, too.
She's a little squeezed by two big adult ewes,
but you can see the super loin she has, and
also the muscling on her leg.
Baby Larue

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