Monday, March 19, 2012

What a MESS!

This was my rabbitry this morning. Last night just after midnight, we had a brief but violent rainstorm which dumped 1.5 inches of rain in about 15-20 minutes.   The culvert under T Ridge Rd. plugged, causing a tiny creek about 6 inches deep and a foot wide to fill the ram paddock, flood a machine shed, &  wash all the stuff out of it.   Then a HUGE hole opened up above the culvert, which relieved the pressure and allowed all the pent up water to wash across the front of the main barn, filling it with 2 feet of water.   This morning, we have everything up to that level covered with mud, sticks, and leaves, and the barn floor has about 6 inches of pudding-like mud in it.  
So this is what the rabbitry looked like this morning..... that is my storage cabinet blocking the doorway - filled with mud and ruined supplies.  The refrigerator we have all our sheep meds in was also knocked over and filled with muddy water.  So was Chuck's BIG HEAVY metal tool box.  Both air compressors were in the muddy water, and everything on the lower shelves in his workshop,too.
The refrigerator (already picked up and righted) the big, heavy toolbox were pushed across the floor and flipped over by the force of the water. 
Those tires washed out of the shed across the road and down into Chuck's workshop.


Lilac Haven said...

A mess for sure. All bunnies ok?

Deb W said...

Oh I'm so sorry for your damage! Is everything salvageble, and animals OK?

Joyce said...

Wow Lisa, I can relate. We have a flood through the barn a few years ago and it took me forever to get that mess cleaned up. I hope all the bunnies and sheep are ok.

Somerhill said...

We won't know about the refrigerator, 2 air compressors, 2 chainsaws, some electric handtools, and my grooming blower for a few days after they have a chance to dry out. We lost lots of paper things; books, owners manuals, etc that were in Chuck's toolbox. I threw away most the paper and plastic in my storage cabinet. Lost all my Calf Manna and grain treat mix. They were in sealed containers, but still got muddy water inside. Luckily, the rabbit feed was in a big trash can in a sheltered area that did not get the force of the water, so it did not flip over.
The buns were all high and dry in their new cages - I don't have the bottom cages in my stacks anymore. The wooden frames Chuck built me were all covered with mud, sticks and leaves, but he hooked up a big pump to the generator and pumped creek water to wash down all the walls and floor and shelves, etc that needed to be washed off.

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