Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend lambs

We awoke to an Easter surpise this morning.  The bunny had
delivered a basket full of lambs  to Hannelore - four in all.
These are the girls, Tiara and Tilda.  They were wet and chilled,
and I grabbed them up and put them in the warming box while
we got Hannelore and her 2 sons into a dry pen.   Hanna is older,
and we decided to pull the ewe lambs and leave the 2 whopping
big ram lambs with her, since they were warm and nursing on
their own.  She will do much better just raising 2.  Adagio was
nice enough to donate enough colostrum to fill both the girls, so
all four lambs will be off to a good, healthy start.    I took a picture
 of Hanna and her sons, but it was not terribly flattering of her, so
will post one later.   You lug 40# of lambs around, then squeeze
them out, and see how you look half an hour after giving birth!  LOL
Tiara is 8#, and Tilda is 8.5, and they look tiny compared to the biggest
lamb.  I'll weigh the other two tonight and get a total number of pounds.
Poor Asia, in the excitement of the quads, she and her
son got little attention. 
Just as we were loading Clio up for the mad dash to the vet's office,
Sarabande turned up in the barn with a bag of amniotic fluid dangling.
By the time we returned, her daughter Saoirse had been born.
 Click on this photo to see Saoirse smiling in her sleep.  Dreaming of milk,
I suppose.
This is Clio and her remaining triplet daughters, Kipling and
Kimbolton.  They required a 30 mile (one way) trip to the vet
Friday morning to have him assist in the delivery.  The third
lamb, also a ewe, had died and was tangled up with Kim, trying
to come out at the same time.  Once we got them home again,
they slept for a few hours, and Clio awoke starving!    They are
all three doing very well.  These are Xcel lambs.
Saturday evening, Adagio's daughter, Inca arrived.
Here we have Chuck and his lamb, Henry. 
He must be Chuck's because no lamb of mine
would be so loud, demanding and beligerant.
He looks sweet in the picture - don't let him fool
you; just put him down, or forget to feed him first.
He is Rosalie's first lamb, and she has no interest in
him whatsoever, so he is a bottle lamb.


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Celtic Hare said...

What a busy day you had!!!! The herds' growing by leaps and bounds!!!!