Thursday, May 24, 2012

Somerhill Xact

Just to prove he really does have a head. 


Celtic Hare said...

Who's your favorite BFL, from your herd? (Specific name)

And who will be the AI donner for this falls breeding schedule?

Somerhill said...

I don't think I can answer that...
I can't even tell you which of my rams are my favorite. :^)
My oldest 2 ewes, the twins, Caliope and Clio, are certainly the basis for the flock. Their blood runs through most every sheep here. And the "S" twins, Sarabande and Shivaree, are two of the more beautiful ewes here.

I don't think we are doing AI this fall. At this point, I want to use the two X1 sons again to try to get more daughters to retain. Next time we do AI, it will likely be Arkleby Y1.

Russ & Fury's kids are a month old

The girls The boys