Tuesday, May 22, 2012

National Show entries

Somerhill Xtra.  He's headed for the national show on Friday,
and then on to Oregon to his new home.  We'd just finished
rinsing the rams to clean them up for the show, and they are
drip drying in the morning sun. 
Somerhill Xact.  This guy is also entered in the show, and is
headed for Canada afterwards.  I never could get a picture
showing his head.  He was too busy trying to open the hatch on
 my Explorer, and then worked on removing the license plate.
Wish I could enter Xcel and Xcite in the show.  They are my "keepers" and really looking good as yearlings.  Their lambs are nice, too.  Long, tubular bodies with meaty little butts!   Looks like X1
has really made his mark on our flock, and I'm thrilled with the results. 


Jared Lloyd said...

Looking good!

Deb W said...

Why couldn't you enter them?

Our fiber festival was last weekend. We had a new bunny guy/vendor (Fiber Frenzy) and since some of his foundation stock is Somerhill, he was pleased to meet Nightshade's sisters. He sold some bunnies and I handed out 'new bunny owner' packets and UARC applications. It worked out great.

Somerhill said...

We have a closed flock, soonce an animal leaves the farm, it does not return. Sheep shows are particularly a concern, since they are exposed to sheep from amny different farms and parts of the country, and loads of people walk by touching every sheep they pass.

We bring in new blood by doing artificial insemination every few years.

Somerhill said...

Fiber Frenzy - that would be Ben. He is a sweety! And yes, he has a black buck named Hemlock who is Nightshade and Oleander's son.

Celtic Hare said...

You go NIGHTSHADE!!!!!!