Sunday, June 24, 2012

Somerhill Scarlet Fever - FS

Scarlet was born 4-10-12 to Red Dragon and Moulin Rouge.  She has a very sweet, docile personality like her mother.   I believe her to be A-bbCCD-ee.   There were torts in the litter of 8, so she may carry self, but I do not believe her to carry dilute. Scarlet is double linebred on AE Maximo, a red buck with long, fast growing wool that maintained correct texture far into adulthood.   She is a nice, clean red color, and good density.  $75.00


Lilac Haven said...

Beautiful. Look at that sheen.

Charlotte said...

Hi Lisa, was just wondering, has the doe been berd before?

Somerhill said...

NO, she is only 2 months old.

Anonymous said...

Hi, saw your blog link on uarc...this doe is awesome looking and liked your blog alot...where are you locate? id be interested in seeing more of your bunnies ...blessings and thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos and words.

Bunny from S. VT

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