More rain!

No pictures this time, but we had a 4" downpour yesterday afternoon, causing yet another flash flood and flooding the barn and rabbitry.  I'm thinking of attending the next county commissioners meeting armed with a pitchfork and a torch.  If they don't fix that culvert soon, we are going to have words!  There is a HUGE hole at the edge of the road you could park a VW in.  Hope no one is hurt when the road finally collapses. 

I feel rather guilty - here we are, having 10.5 inches of rain in the past 10 days, while most the rest of the country is crying for it!  Honestly, if I could bottle it up and share, I surely would.


It looks like it will rain here tonight too. Big lightning and thunder outside right now. I have a few pending Colorado torch+pitchfork stories for you later. xx
Can I watch your stand with pitchfork in hand? Bet Anne will come with me.
WoolGrower said…
I'd be first in line for some of that rain Lisa! Had some move thru last night but it was just a bit too far south to reach me. I think Xray is about ready to jump ship. He's not too fond of this new place with 100+ degrees, dry grass and weeds. Poor guy!