Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've been up to lately

 Thre are LOTS of bunnies around this year.  They must be nearing the top of their cycle.  This one is right outside the kitchen window, munching on white clover.
What I've been doing lately in my spare time evenings and weekends.  This is my skirting routine; BFL fleece in center, basket on left for clean, skirted wool, basket on right for wool with VM or too much dirt/manure in it, and I sort out the really pretty individual locks to dye and sell.  Plus my bottle of Crystal Lite.  :^)     

I have 2 BIG boxes of fleece sorted and ready to mail to Stonehedge for them to spin into yarn, and several pounds of locks to wash and dye.  9 more fleeces to go, which will be used for 2 different rovings.  One I may dye orange and blend with hot pink alpaca and some yellow(dyed) angora.  The other, I'm thinking of dyeing "Teddy Bear" brown, and blending with some angora dyed in orange/yellow/olive.
But something else may pop into my head as I sit and skirt. 


Denise said...

I've been thinking about your dyed locks actually! So I'm looking forward to seeing your for sale list when you get it ready. Have you been pleased with the processing you have done with Stonehenge? I've been toying the notion of sending them a mixture of fibers to blend including the angora.

Somerhill said...

I use Stonehedge exclusively - for several years. So yes, I am definitely pleased. :^) They are very fast as well as doing a good job with my fibers.

Celtic Hare said...

Lisa, what have you heard about the mill, Morning Star? It's in Northern Ohio (Apple Creek I believe?) Feel free to reply off blog.

Somerhill said...

I have heard of it. I drive by it on my way to the festival in Wooster. I've talked to some people who have used them, and they seemed pleased with their work. However, because they specialize in alpaca, their processing rates are on the high side. I really prefer Stonehedge, and don't plan to switch. :^)

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