Sunday, October 14, 2012

Magnificent 7

My keeper BFL ewe lambs for this year.  In no particular order:
Eden, Saoirse, Kipling, Interlude, Wild Rose, Justimere, Philadelphia.
They are out of 3 different Llwygy X1 sons.


Tari said...

Will you breed them this fall? Nice group of ewes. I am getting a ram lamb from Anne and Gordon on Wed. Out of the BFL blue ram they got from Potosi. They even offered to deliver him. Can't beat that.

Somerhill said...

Yes, they are to be bred to Xcite. Then I'll sort them back out and feed them over the winter. Glad you are getting ram from A&G. Did you see that Kathy sold her Blues? Very sad. :^( They went to Jared on CO.

Tari said...

Yes, I saw that on Kathys' blog and on Jareds. Not an easy change to make. But change is inevitable. I'll enjoy my sheep while I can. The shetlands are fun. Sonie the BFL ewe looks like a giant compared to them. She has filled out very nicely and has a very level top line. Not a very full fleece though. Her lambs out of the texel grow fast. Our goal is a 90-110 lb. lamb in 5-6 months. We hit our goal with all the meat lambs this year. Pastures are improving and we're clearing more.