Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xcite and his harem

That's Xcite in the center, surrounded by 8 admiring young ladies.


Celtic Hare said...

He's considerably larger than the ewes. Head and shoulders above the girls. Looks like a happy camper though. ;- )

Celtic Hare said...

Do you plan to have both X1 rams collected for AI?

Somerhill said...

Yes, he is 19 months old, and the girls are 7+ months old.

Good question on collecting the rams. I think I'll take a good look at the yearling daughters next year, along with the new lambs, and decide which if either I should have collected.

I do have 5 more straws of X1 to use in the future.

Greenleaves Spitfire

Welcome home, Greenleaves Spitfire! She was first CJD in the MAC specialty for her first leg.