Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My new Satin Rabbits

Broken Chinchilla doe
Chinchilla Buck
Copper doe (carries chinchilla)
I drove up to Ann Arbor MI this past Sunday to pick up this trio of Satins.  The reason is twofold; one, I need some more meat rabbits to produce meat for the farm market; and two, I am going to try to improve the bodies on my chinchilla Satin Angoras.  The second goal will take some time.  Wool is a recessive gene to regular fur, so it will take 2 generations to get wooled offspring.  Then it will take 3 more generations for the rabbits to be considered purebred, at which point they can be registered.  I don't plan to sell any of the offspring until they are purebred once more.  Along the way, I should get better bodies on my Satin Angoras, which tend to be bony in the hindquarters.  The pictures just don't due these bunnies justice!  Their fur glows with lustre, and the copper especially is gorgeous!   They don't have names, just numbers.  So I need to think up names for them.  The 2 does ear numbers start with SJ, so I've been toying with names like Sarah Jane or Sally Jo.   The buck's ear number starts with KS.  I first thought of Kansas City, but realized that City starts with a "C".  Duh.  I guess its obvious that I need help naming them, so feel free to offer suggestions.  You can even have a prize if you are so inclined....


Dustin said...

Staci Jo
Sally Jane
Keltic Style

I realize Keltic should be spelled with a C but it sounds really cool and in American I think we are known for miss spelling our kids names to make them different.

Lilac Haven said...

How about Kick Start since you are trying to improve your line?

Good gosh who can read those thingys. This is my 5th try