Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dilute French Angora babies - a color comparison

2 opal French Angora kits - both born 4-22.  Look how different their
color looks, even though they have the same father, and their mothers
are closely related.  The one on the left has a wide tan ban, and the one
 on the left has very little tan, just a ticking.

The "bluer" opal doe.  Sire: Montours Blue Skies
Dam: Somerhill Fargo. 
There is a cream doe, and a REW buck and doe in the litter too.

This is the "tanner" opal, with her blue sister
Sire:  Montours Blue Skies    Dam: Somerhill Tidbit
There are 2 cream bucks and a blue tort doe in the litter, too.

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