Thursday, May 23, 2013

My opal doe

Opal junior French Angora doe from Montours Blue Skies and Somerhill Fargo litter.  Its been a LONG time since I had an opal, and I can't believe she is the pick of the litter, too!   I just love the nostrils on opals.  :^) 
Now to come up with the perfect name............


Joyce said...

Lovely doe Lisa, how about Once in a Blue Moon, or just Blue Moon? I've got my eyes on one of those red satin babies, I finally lost Rupert last winter.

Somerhill said...

I've decided on Skylark, staying in the theme of song titles. Her sire is Blue Skies. I do like both your suggestions, and will keep them in mine.

Greenleaves Spitfire

Welcome home, Greenleaves Spitfire! She was first CJD in the MAC specialty for her first leg.