Saturday, October 12, 2013

Meet the new fellas

Red Satin Angora buck, 10 weeks old.  He is by GrCH Somerhill Banja Luka, out of Somerhill Moulin Rouge.  I'm keeping him around for a while.  So far, I really like him, even though he really does not fit into my small numbers of SA due to his color.(I am working with the chinchilla gene right now)  But if he turns out as nicely as he promises to, I'll make it work.  I'm thinking of naming him Red River Valley, since my naming pattern has gone west.  
And this guy is Somerhill Banjo.  He is a chocolate, from the same litter.  He'll be joining Jan in PA early next month.   Jan says he looks just like his sire, Luke. 

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