Tuesday, July 1, 2014


We had a cloudburst on Sunday evening, with 2+ inches falling in 30 minutes. The main creek is usually about a foot deep and 4 feet across; the stream beside the old barn can be stepped across. It has actually gone down from its high point as you can see by the crushed grass on the far side of the stream. The main stream is now over 6 ft deep and 20-30 ft across in this photo.

I should point out - This was on the anniversary of the "Flood of '98", which set records in our part of the state for rainfall and flooding. 6 people were killed in Npble county. And its the 2 year anniversary of the Derecho wind that devastated downtown Cambridge and caused millions of dollars of damage throughout the state and region. Both times, we were without power for days on end, so I'm very grateful for just a few minutes of darkness!

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