Friday, September 26, 2014

4 BFL ewes for sale

Somerhill Lucerne. Twin, 2011 model. RARE offering of a Llwygy X1 daughter (AI),
out of a Rossiebank Laird/Beeston Loyalty ewe.
Has had 2 sets of twin ewe lambs for us. Pedigree scan available. $400.00

Somerhill Wild Rose. Single, 2012 model. Out of my Pegasus line. LlwygyX1/CHR1/EbonyBoy/Loyalty/Titus/Jamie British bloodlinesHas raised 2 sets of twins. Pedigree scan available. $400.00

 Somerhill Interlude. Single, 2012 model out of my Belle line
CHR1/Loyalty/Jamie British lines
Has had 2 sets of twins.  Pedigree scan available. $400.00

 Potosi Elsie W25 Twin, 2010 model.
Koenig,Starkey,Beechtree,Bitterroot lines. Pedigree scan available.
Has had 2 sets of trips and a set of twins here. $250.00 

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