Tuesday, January 3, 2017

TGPRBA New Years Eve show

In the first showing, I had 1st CJD, 1 CSB, BOV and BOSV in white
and BOS in breed with Somerhill Sheridan.
  Kim won BOB with her chocolate agouti  SR doe.

In the second showing, Kim also had BOB with the same beautiful doe.
I had BOS again, as well as 1st CSB, and BOV and BOSV in white.
Rose won 1st CJD.
Rose, Emily, Charlotte, and Kim showing their French Angoras.
Emily also had a Giant to exhibit, and Colleen brought her black Giants for evaluation.

Judge Joe Collucci evaluating the Satin Angora colored SR bucks.
Kim, Rose, and I had Satins at the show.   Janet had planned to come, but
was still feeling badly from the remnants of a cold.  She did drop by for a few
minutes to see all of us, since she just lived a few miles away.  

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Lilac Haven said...

Looks like fun. New format on your blog I see.