Saturday, March 11, 2017

What a relief!

After weeks of above normal temps, on Thursday night, the temperatures plummeted and we had snow in the morning.  Of course, right before 3 of my Satin Angora does were to kindle.   California had a single black kit Friday evening, so I brought it in the house for the night.  
Checked everyone at midnight, and all was quiet.  The sky was clear and the stars were very bright in the COLD air.  Temps went down into the 'teens.
This morning, I found both Silver City and Oakland had kindled.  Both had pulled lots of wool, and their babes were warm, dry and fed.  Silver City has four - 3 chinchillas and a chocolate chinchilla.  
Oakland has seven - some chinchillas, self chins, and 2 pearls/ermines.   The 2 light colored ones went into California's nestbox to help keep her singleton warm.  
Its to be colder than normal for the next 10 days. (average highs s/b near 50)  Another night in the 'teens tonight, and clear skies.  Today it will not get over the freezing mark, but the sun is out and the sky is bright blue.

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