Saturday, April 8, 2017

Today's show results

Enjoyed the double angora specialty put on by the Ohio Angora Rabbit Fanciers club at the Hall of Fame show in Canton, OH today. We had a nice showing of Satin Angoras. 15 total with 3 exhibitors. There were 6 whites - yay!

In Show A, Teton was BOSV colored SR buck, and Santee was BOV and BOS, colored SR doe.
In Show B, Driftwood was BOV, colored JR doe, Shaelah was 1st CSD of 4, and Silverheels was BOSV, colored SR buck.

Congrats to Ann Mary Mercier for BOB in both shows!

Both judges commented that they really loved Driftwood and would like to see her again in a couple months when she has more time to develop. :^)

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