Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Some novelty yarns

I spun up some chinchilla angora seconds, and spun them up in a thick n thin single.  Then I strung teal, purple and gold beads on a metallic thread, and plied them together.  I really like the effect, and the yarn is very soft.  There are 118 yards of this.  
I had some baggies of small amounts of colors hanging around, and had an idea yesterday. This skein is made from 4 colors; chestnut, baby pearl, black, and some dyed brown. I took a small handful of one color and spun it, then a handful of the next color, and repeated until I ran out, making sure not to end with the same color I started with. Then I plied it back on itself, and here is the result. There are 63 yards.

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