Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buddy and Timmy have enjoyed their day playing in the creek in the rain.

Peaceful family. Miss Nibs put away a lot of hay today, and is looking pretty darn chipper for having a difficult lambing this morning. The babies are full of milk, and sleepy. I swear the ram lamb is smiling. :^) What do newborn lambs dream of?


Becky Utecht said...

Wow, things are really popping at your place Lisa! Congratulations on all your beautiful babies.

Annette said...

The boys sure have grown. They are cute.

Denise said...

Those pups are not white anymore are they :-) Moma sheep reminds me of Maude from the movie Babe! You know we just might need a GP to watch over my tiny flock of sheep, if I could talk Charlie into it.

Garrett808 said...

hey who is Miss Nibs? Are they on your website?

Russ & Fury's kids are a month old

The girls The boys