Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey look, they can have twins!

This morning was busy. Besides tagging and docking the 4 lambs from yesterday, I found Aislinn with a big ewe lamb, and trying to deliver another lamb. I soon found he was coming breech, with one leg bent at the hock. I couldn't get it straightened out, so Chuck came and lifted her hindend off the ground. This gave me room, and I straightened the leg, and with a little pull, out he came. Miss Nibs and her twins are doing just fine now. The ewe lamb is Rylie. They are sired by Larkhall, making them 25% Loyalty, 25% Carryhouse R1.

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Dustin said...

All your lambs are so cute! I love seeing all the pics of your new babies.

Russ & Fury's kids are a month old

The girls The boys