Monday, April 6, 2009

Lisbon Double Show

The show Saturday was a lot of fun. Vici came to a show for the first time, and she ended up winning Best of Breed in both shows with her blue tort doe, Roz. I think she was so overwhelmed with the show; the crush of people and trying to understand what was happening and what the judges were saying that it did not really soak in at the time.
Tina and I teased her that now she is hooked - Roz needs that last leg for her championship! :^)
Tina got 2 legs on her SR buck, and one leg each on her JR bucks, so she too had a happy day.

I took all three of the Wildhares for evaluation. Now the judges don't like X5 (Ruby Slippers) but X4 (Red Dawn), got second in both shows. And even though X6 (D'oro) had just been clipped 6 weeks before, and his coat still looked choppy and was short, he got REALLY good comments on his body type, and actually placed 3rd out of 5 in both shows.

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Jan said...

Got pics? Especially of the Wild Hares?

Russ & Fury's kids are a month old

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