Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Voodoo again

I gave her a follow up shot of LA200 last night, and more probiotic. Her chest is still swollen and has dark areas in it, which makes me believe it will eventually break open, and we'll have to deal with cleaning and trimming the wound. I'm confident I can deal with that.
The kits were out of the nest last night, and again this AM. I'm working on getting them to eat solid food to give her a break from trying to feed them while she is sick. She again had eaten all her treat mix, hay, and greens, and also part of the pellets, so she continues to improve.


Annette said...

Let's hope she continues to make progress toward getting better.

Jan said...

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Tina THE "Nutty Buckeye" said...

I pray she will come out just fine. Positive bunny health being sent to her from the "Main Nut".

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