Our first lamb!

Today is the day, and Hannelore did not disappoint. She was just acting restless about 8Am, and by 10AM when I checked in on her, she already had this lamb and was passing her placenta. By noon, when I looked in on them again, he was just finishing up lunch, and plopped down for a nap. He is 12#, so a nice sturdy young man.
His sire is SHF Lanark, so he is 25% Carryhouse R1, 12.5% Loyalty, 15 % Laird, 12.5% Jamie, 6.25% Ebony Boy.


Annette said…
Awwww...Is he gray?
That is so cool. The first labors of Spring... A very beautiful Easter Lamb at that! Congrats to you and Mama...
Somerhill said…
Nope, he is white. She had him in a patch of dirt instead of in the grass, or in the straw bedding, or even on the concrete pad. So in the picture, he is just dirty and wet. Since I moved him onto a clean pen so Jo Ann and Greg could admire him, he is cleaner. :^)

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