The continuing saga of Vignette's kindling

Last night, I found 1 black kit on the wire in Vignette's(Vinnie) cage, and four in her nestbox. (one DOA, 3 live) When I left that morning, she had none in her cage with her. I had placed the 4 kits she already had in Voodoo's nestbox to warm them up and keep them safe during the day while I am at work.
So I put all 8 live babies in Vinnie's box. She was acting all "macho" with stiff legs and tail way up - you know that pose that makes you think you're going to get a big urine stream in the face? She settled down when I petted her and gave her treat mix. Anyway, I was pretty sure she was done having kits at this point - her attitude was completely changed and in full mommy mode. There was a little blood in her nest, but no sign that she was having problems kindling, and all the kits are the same size and smallish - what you'd expect for a litter of nine. Vinnie never showed any signs of being in distress - she just kept having kits show up here and there. So I have no idea why it took 2 days to get them all out. :^) Even after 12 years of breeding rabbits, they still can do some surprising things.

So this morning, we still have 8 nice clean chubby kits. There are 6 black and 2 fawns.

Voodoo's 6 kits are doing just fine. One is darkening and looks like a fawn, but the others are still very pale colored. I can see dark eyes through their lids on at least some of them, so I am still hopeful that some will be creams.


All right! It's about time we have some more French to take on! How exciting!! Not bad for a first litter.

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