Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New baby French Angoras!!!

GC SHF Vignette has 4 kits this morning, and GC SHF Voodoo, her sister, has 6. Vinnie has 2 blacks, a fawn, and something light I'm hoping will be a cream. Voodoo has 6 pale babies - could they all be creams????? Time will tell. This is Voodoo's second litter, and she did everything right. Vinnie got the steps in the wrong order: Lets see - have kits, get in box, then pull wool.
So I found the 2 black kits crawling around the cage floor, and the two light colored ones were on the concrete floor! OH NO!! Everyone got put in the box and the nest straightened up to my satisfaction.
I had to rush off to work, and figured I'd be working later, so on second thought, I put a black stripe from a sharpie marker on the 2 light ones, and popped all four into Voodoo's nest to get them warmed up. I'll give them back to mama Vinnie when I get home tonight.

My SA doe, GC SHF Mandalay is due this weekend. She's an old pro at this mama stuff, tho'.

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