Fiber Exchange

I got in the UARC fiber exchange recently, and these are skeins I've done from the roving that was sent out. My contribution was some of the Tropical Punch roving. Each person sent 2 oz bags of roving to the organizer, and she sent all the bags out to each of the participants.
This first roving is exquisite! Its Romney wool with some angora and silk noil added. The colors are silvery blues and lilacs, with multicolored noils. It spun up like a dream. I see it as a lacey shawl.
This is Jacob sheep wool. It was very nice to spin, and has a pretty sheen to it. It makes a springy sort of yarn. It would make a nice outer sweater, or spun finer, sox.
This was not in roving form, but had simply been washed and dyed. Its a Corriedale type wool. Since I do not have a drum carder, and did not feel like handcarding, I decided it would be fun to spin as it came. I left it lumpy, bumpy with little curls sticking out of the yarn. It would make a nice, soft hat.
This is a llama, Columbia sheep, and angora blend. The llama gives it a heavy feel, and very smooth, non-elastic yarn. Maybe a woven scarf?
This came in a cloud form. Its Icelandic with a touch of angora. I thought Icelandic would be long stapled, but this was very short, with lots of short, black hair in it. I spun it lumpy, bumpy, too - which was what it wanted to do. My misgivings about it aside - it turned out to be a really cool yarn. I think it would be great as part of a felted purse.
This is not from the exchange, but I spun it up last night, too. Its some of my friend, Denise's crazy batts. I think there is llama, silk, glitz in it, and then locks of blue, pink, green, purple, yellow BFL. Its soft - maybe it wants to be a hat?


Annette said…
I like them all. Does Denise sell these crazy bats? I like that one the best.

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