Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, glorious rain!

Until the past few days, we'd only had 1/2 inch of rainfall the entire month of July. This is bad - because Ohio should see 4-5 inches of rain in July. The lawn had not been mowed the entire month! The sheep pastures were looking droopy, although the grass was not dying. Recently, we had two nice rainy days with a long soaking shower, both of which accumulated around 1/2." Yesterday, we got 1.1" of rain, and it's raining again this morning.
Now the view out my window is completely different. Everything is green, green, green.

And of course, the lawn needs mowing..............

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Texas Angora Blog said...

I am so glad you'll got rain, too! We've had a bit of rain in San Antonio, Texas, and the weather is cooling down a bit. We welcome the rain!