This is another fun thing I did yesterday. I had save some of the tiny pencil locks from the fleeces I've been skirting for roving, and did three dye batches. One is blue/purple/teal; one is hot pink/violet/turquoise; and this one, which is yellow/coral/gold/orange/russet. They are drying on my rack, and then I'll bag them up in one oz baggies for sale. I've got several versions of greens, blues, and teals already bagged up for A Wool Gathering this fall.
I love doing casserole dyeing - its so simple. I just wet the wool, put it in a turkey roaster, splash some vinegar on it, put dots of dye powder here and there, then use my sprayer on the sink to wet it down. Not enough water to float, but enough that when pushed down with a plastic spoon, it just covers the wool. Then I squish around to make sure all the wool gets in contact with the dye, and pop it in the oven at 350 for about 35-40 minutes. Once its steaming, I test to see if the dye is all taken up. If so, just dump it out, rinse once (or until water is clear) and then I drain it and spread it out on my drying rack.


Annette said…
Pretty - have you named it yet?
Becky Utecht said…
Thanks for the casserole dyeing instructions. I've been planning to save all those tine pencil locks and send the rest in for batts (for felting or spinning)too.

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