Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BFL breeder Diane Kelly's fiber shop in Bedford, PA

She and Ronnie have purchased the old jail and have turned the sheriff's residence into a shop called Firesong. She has finished woven and knitted items, along with some yarns, rovings, and spinning and weaving supplies. She wants to get a line of dyes in. The jail part has not been put to use yet. She is thinking of making it into classrooms, gallery, even some studios.
Here is Diane at her loom in the parlor. Isn't the light just great for weaving? The house has several working fireplaces. There is an apartment upstairs where Diane spends the weekends while the shop is open.
This is the front entryway. She has all her finished goods in the room to the right.


Lilac Haven said...

Awesome place for a shop

Somerhill said...

We should drive over for a visit some weekend. The town is full of cool shops and historic buildings. Very pretty village and rural farm community.

Kate Demain said...

This a wonderful place to stop especially for weavers and knitters. Diane has some beautiful scarves. Look forward to visiting again!

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