Sunday, February 5, 2012

UARC specialty at PaSRBA on Saturday

Judge Eric Stewart with the colored Satin Angora SR does.  6 entered.   That is Somerhill Mardi Gras butt in the first hole. he placed her third, which is not bad considering the competition and the fact she is shedding and only 6.5 months old.  Its hard for joung serniors to compete with an adult doe in coat.
The lineup for colored SA SR bucks.  The red one in the center went on to be eithre BOB or BOS in the show.(I forget, sorry)  Those are the white SR buck and SR doe first place winners on the right.  There was a nice showing of REW Satins there. 
My buck got first place JR, but he was the only one in the class.  LOL   However, in both the open and the specialty, the judges remarked on what a good body he has, so I'm pleased with that.  His coat is in transition from baby to 1st true coat, and it is shedding, but he still got good remarks on texture and length.
I took off work on Friday, and drove over to Lebanon, PA.  Met my BFL friend, Kathy, south of Harrisburg and talked for about 2 hours while we had bowls of soup at a place called "Joe's Diner".  I also bought 2 BFL fleeces from her.  Is that sad?  35 sheep, and I still have to buy more wool.   I'm going to wash it, and sell it as dyed locks at the farmers market.  I've been out of wool for 2 months.   Then I went on to the show site, got unloaded, entries made, dropped off some bunnies I'd sold, and met someone from OK who was picking up and hauling 50+ rabbits back west.   I can't believe you can fit 50+ rabbits in the back of a Honda, but I guess you can!   Meanwhile, my rear tire was busily going flat out in the parking lot, so a call to AAA was in order.  They quickly arrived and put on my spare, and off I went to check into the hotel. 
The next morning, I arrived early at the showroom, groomed my 2 show entries, talked to all the angora exhibitors, and met up with the last of my angora customers to get their new babies to them.   The open show started at about 11:30, and went smoothly.  Pam Nock judged.  I like the way she places rabbits, although WOE to the person who did not do a thorough job grooming, because she places a great deal of emphasis on the presentation of the wool. 

As soon as we finished with the open show, the UARC specialty was called to the table.  Judge Eric was training a new judge, which is a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because you get to hear an exceptional judge teaching a newby all about judging angoras and what to look for in each breed.  A curse, because it takes absolutely FOREVER!   It took over 2 hours for them to judge the French and the Satin angora classes.  For all I know, they are still judging angoras, since he still had to do the English and Giants! LOL

As soon as my rabbits came off the table, I snatched them up, loaded up my stuff, hugged anyone nearby, and ZOOM!  I headed for home.  I left at nearly 5PM, and arrived at 10PM.   Drove through a fair amount of snow flurries all the way, and the highway was wet but not slippery. 

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