Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last night's storm

Sky after the storm.  The trees were glowing gold, and the air
was pink.  The clouds to the east where the storm was still
raging was a deep lavendar-grey.

To the west after the storm passed.  Is this what they call a
"mackerel sky" ?

We made it through the storm OK, and the power just came back on.  It was off from 6PM to about 10AM.

I was in the rabbitry when it hit. First time I've ever been really scared during a storm. I looked out and the slate roof was blowing off the tractor shed like someone threw a deck of cards. The dirt on the road was swirling slowly. I ran back into the rabbitry, got in a corner, and put a bucket over my head. It was the only thing handy that might protect me if the windows started blowing out.

The barn is OK, and so is the house. We lost a lot of the tractor building roof, and a couple pieces of metal roof off the shed Chuck has been repairing this past week. All the roof he'd repaired held, tho'. The wooden bench on the front porch blew off, across the driveway and caught in the fence. Its broken beyond repair. My concrete sheep blew off the porch, too. Now that is pretty heavy. Several trees along the road either blew over, or the top snapped out of them. A BIG hollow walnut went down. Most the rest are locust, which are so brittle.  
Chuck started the generator this AM and ran the refrig and freezer. I'm so glad the power came back on quickly. We've heard that it could be 3-7 days for some people.


Lilac Haven said...

It's a mess all over. Mother nature was extreme this week.

Somerhill said...

The refrigerator died today. I think all the power surges when the electricity went on and off did it in. We'd had it delivered to the new farm, so it is 14 years old. Seems like its almost new - does that make me old?

Celtic Hare said...

I'm sooooo glad neither you or the critters were injured!!!!

And 'NO', it doesn't make you old! :- D

WoolyWorm said...

I'm with Chuck -- the image of you with a bucket on your head is priceless! I'm so glad that you're okay though and that your damage is only material. Still, I know it's a pain in the neck having to repair and replace stuff. I can't believe the winds moved a concrete sheep. Geez!!!