Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Storm aftermath

 Our new water supply.
Gallon jugs filled at the barn (from a spring) and buckets filled at the stock tank in the middle of the pasture.  Jugs are for "bathing" and washing dishes, etc.  Buckets are for flushing the toilet.  Drinking water comes from the store right now. 
My new best friend. 
For some reason, after the power came back on Saturday and Sunday, on Monday afternoon, it went on and off for a while, and then off for good at 5PM.   So back out came the generator, and its running the refrigerator (a new one, since the old one died Sunday) and the freezer.  Once in a while, we unplug the freezer once it shuts down, and get to watch a movie or get online.  Until this AM, we'd only had intermittant internet access, but so far today, its up.   There is NO word on when the power may come back on - just rumours running around the neighborhood in the little "town" down the road. 
We also don't have power at my office in Cambridge, so can't even go there to escape the heat for a while.   The local paper says 85% of Noble county is without power.  Most of the businesses along the main road in Caldwell are open and swamped with locals and travelers, but the ones in the downtown area are not.  Its the same in Cambridge; downtown is on the hilltop, and the wind damage was much worse there.  The outlying areas where the shopping centers are have power.  I ran into town yesterday and got groceries (only things we don't have to cook - getting tired of sandwiches) and rabbit feed. 
Maybe we'll get electricity later today????  If not, a country boy(and girl) can survive.  :^)


Deb W said...

Sorry you are getting hit so hard. Ohio is really feeling it badly. Lancaster has been without power for about a week - since the last go-round with the storms. We've had 100's temps, but we got our first rain in several weeks last night!

Celtic Hare said...

Sounds like it time to break out the grill!!! ;- D

We've at least power. Without it we'd be suffering greatly too.