Saturday, July 7, 2012

Along the roadside

 I just love these tough little flowers.  Our entire road is lined with chicory right now.  Even the drought conditions and 107 temperature today could not dull their cheery color.   And the contrast between the bright yellow birdsfoot trefoil (also drought tolerant) and the cornflower blue is so striking.


Potosi Sheep Farm said...

I love them too, Lisa. They grow wild and who can cut them down when they are so pretty?

Lilac Haven said...

Ditto. I love them. They are all along our bike trail.

Denise said...

I remember chicory from my youth in KY. I am not aware of it growing wild in Kansas. I ordered some seeds once and planted them...was I ever surprised to learn that they were weeds from my youth :-) I like chicory in coffee like Cafe Du Mond.

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