Sunday, May 18, 2014

And a baby bunny picture, too

This is one of GrCH Somerhill Arizona's two kits - yes, a small litter, but I'm happy with what I've got.  This is the first pearl Satin Angora I've had - actually, the first one I've seen other than in pictures.   She has a black sister who is equally cute.  Their sire is This Draco, a REW from Kim Witherow.
Besides Arizona's 2, and I also have 2 from Elizbar Bisbee.  Bisbee is a chocolate chinchilla, and she had a chocolate chin and a REW, also sired by Draco. 
My third litter was even bigger - THREE!   GrCH Somerhill Saraid  has three little ones; a chocolate, a chocolate agouti, and a chocolate tort.  They are by Somerhill Banjo, who is here on loan.  
2 of Saraid's little ones.  The chocolate tort was zipping around the cage and
kept hiding under its mom's belly.  

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