Saturday, May 17, 2014

Finally, some lamb pictures.

Somerhill Orleans
One of Larue's twin girls, Orleans is developing into a lovely young lady.  Her sister, Orielle, is quite similar in appearance.  They should be, since Larue and their sire, Xcite, are both sired by Llwygy X1.    Another X1 daughter, Lucerne, has a set of twin daughters, Odelle and Ollie.  
Somerhill Shelby and Simone
These twins are daughters of Xcite and Shivaree.  They make me wish I'd bred Shivaree's twin sister, Sarabande, to a BFL ram, too.  Sara has a kick*** set of ram lambs by the Texel ram.  They weighed close to 15# each when they were born, and are growing like gangbusters due to Sara's milking ability.  

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