Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2 Satin Angora Junior Does for Sale

Somerhill Gentle on My Mind

Chocolate agouti JR doe, 5 months old. Was plucked 2 months ago, and her first adult coat is coming in nicely. Good density, sheen and texture. Ready to put on the show table. Her sire is a chinchilla, so she carries it. HH Silver Lining x GrCH Dolly Rock Wichita.  $75.00
Somerhill By The Time I Get to Phoenix
Copper Satin Angora JR doe, 5 months old. Still has her baby wool, so its lighter colored than her mature wool will be - which is going to be gorgeous! Good length, nice density, excellent sheen and ring definition. She is very sweet and docile, and sits quietly to be groomed. Will make an excellent wooler.   Not going to be a show doe - she has good width and shoulders, but is flat and weak in the midsection. Sold without a pedigree.

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