Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ram lamb for sale

I've got a nice ram lamb for sale now at $350, which includes registration and transfer fees. He is a blend of CH R1, Loyalty, Laird, Jamie, and Ebony Boy and is 64% UK breeding. His sire is Lanark and dam is Hannelore. You can find pictures of both of them on our website
Lanark is on the flock sires page, and Hannelore is on page 3 of the ewe pages.

I cannot get a picture of him right now (see previous post - haha) but if you look at the post before that and see McDuff, they are similar, sharing the same sire. The ram lamb for sale is a little taller and has more blue coloring. I think he will grow up to look a lot like Hannelore, but with a better earset. He was born April 10th, our first lamb of 2009. Check the blog post for April 10th for his baby picture.

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Tina THE "Nutty Buckeye" said...

I wonder Lisa, you think I could "sneek" a lamb and raise one here?? LOL! Yeah, right, like I HAVE the room?! But it's a cool thought.
Hope you are mending nicely and will be back up and hoppin' around soon.